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The term “information technology” (IT) is often misconstrued to mean nothing more than work one does at a computer. IT, also referred to as Knowledge Technology, has evolved to become the driving force behind today’s digital and global marketplace. From a simple website used as a means to market a business to complex competitive intelligence analysis, the importance of IT in driving both the global and US economies cannot be understated, nor overlooked.

At eBizITPA, we believe that any business has the ability to compete by using technology to gain a competitive advantage. The possibilities are endless and often cost-effective:

Committing to the innovation of both products and services
Hiring highly-trained “knowledge workers” out of college that are both tech-savvy and efficient
Implementing technologies that keep your business up-to-date and provide measurable efficiencies
Training your employees in the latest technologies, everything from e-marketing skills to the latest in managing your supply chain
Since 2002, our goal is to help grow businesses through commercialization of technology-based products, developing careers in knowledge technology disciplines, implementing business-critical technology implementation projects and training today’s workforce to keep up with tomorrow’s technology.